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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
I hereby appoint you in charge of Norris lake BWO subset and I'll handle the S. Holston subset. I am formally applying for a Federal Grant to bring Tricos from Silver Creek back to the Clinch as well!

We will band their little legs much like ducks and do a viability study based on dissolved oxygen and how global/local warming from Oak Ridge has effected the Clinch. Corbo will be in charge of coliform counts effecting the lower Clinch, and yes, Cockeye Valdez will monitor cranefly predation on the BWO nymphs! Of course, Madison Boats will monitor lime deposits based on flow schedules as it degrades the into the water, thus effecting pH.

BTW, a miniturized oxygenator (battery powered O2 delivery systems like what's on your bass boat when you fish tournaments!) with controlled refrigerant in the form or dry ice should do the trick in our Federally funded biofuel car once the grant comes through.

Have we stimulated enough thought process into this fun thread?
I fished in a blanket Trico spinner fall on the Clinch above the lake last weekend. They are there, along with every conceivable caddis and a host of other Mayfly species.

If any of that stuff could survive below Norris, it would be there now, it isn't happening no matter what, short of removing Norris Dam.
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