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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
I personally don't care, and whatever I or anyone else says on this board it is wrong in your educated mind! Remind me again of your college degree or degrees....., fisheries biology, microbiology, wildlife biology, because I am surely impressed with it. I don't claim to know or want to know all the answers regarding why there are no spawning or true native adult fish on the Clinch. Why don't you just tag the fish you think are native, and study them. Do DNA checks on them for all I care. Heck I just work in heart surgery for a living, I don't know all the fishing answers and I just want to think I have a shot at a few big fish when I go to a tailwater in TN, and I look at this board for some entertainment from time to time to escape and unwind.
This is what happens every time, the argument against natural reproduction comes up. TWRA follows the exact same talk track. I remember watching Buxbaum almost bring Frank Fiss to tears by posing the same points I did, and Frank's answers were the exact same as yours. And always result in a personal attack or two rather than a good counter argument.

I seriously doubt that my Marketing degree from UT qualifies me for anything other than selling medical devices. However, I have always tried to be extremely observant on the river, and try to understand this stuff from a logical rather than an emotional point of view.

That is why I asked the questions to you, so I can understand your point of view.

It is easy to suspect that the flows on the Clinch have an impact, however when I step back and think about where fish spawn, and other rivers where they successfully do so, I can't make the flow argument add up to no success.

No one seems to have an answer to the tons of fry/fingerlings in the river right now. Logic to me adds 2+2 and the only reasonable explanation is successful spawning. I think we all can agree they don't fall into the river by way of raindrops.

The best hope for the Clinch and taking the management by TWRA to a whole new level, one which we fly fisherman would love, is to prove that the fish are spawning successfully.

My question is why go with personal attacks? I can play that game even better if you wish to take that approach, but I would rather discuss this stuff using logical reasoning to maybe get closer to an answer. And if my points are absurd than please elaborate, I always try and comprehend even though it may not sink in
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