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Default But that we could trust them...

River otters are notoriously unpredictable—one minute frolicking for streamside tourist, while at the drop of a hat they will pluck the eye balls out of small children and puppies. If memory serves me correctly, the last big bunch of river released in Tennessee back in the 1980s came from a supposed otter ranch in Louisiana who was getting out of that particular line of husbandry. Need I say more than to note that Louisiana is the home state of Kingfish Long? Everyone knows stories about him and his otter pals down in the bayous.

I am not categorically against river otters living in the GSMNP, but I feel very strongly that such animals should be regularly subjected to sensitivity training similar to the anger management classes the state of Alabama inflicts on me every couple of years. Otters left to their own shaky standards of moral behavior are just trouble waiting to happen. At the very least they need to understand current laws pertaining to harassment. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.
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