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Gentlemen of this forum and Waterwolf,
I guess you see nothing wrong with this statement from the guy who continues to call "TWRA idiots and to grow some *****(gonads, Paula said not to say that word)" from previous posts...

WW, you said to me ......"So make your case, and stop with the inane attempts to be funny. Man up and make your case."

Man up? Young man, you don't know me enough to publicly over the internet tell me to "man up". When someone can stay married for greater than 30 years, hold a job for over 25 years with his group in a high stress high risk operations, as well as publish numerous papers, the later to be released this week don't tell me to "man up". I have raised a family and paid for my education without a DIME from my high school educated parents so you have no right to tell me to MAN UP over a freaking joke about whether or not spawing is going on in the Clinch. No trust funds for me! You then attempted to try and goad me into an answer on the difference of the Clinch vs S. Holston so I can be shot down by someone acting as a professor without a scientific basis.

Everyone is wrong about this river, and trout fisheries in general except for you. My beef is there is no enforcement, your beef is with everyone at TWRA and everyone that disagrees with you. If I had a dollar for everytime someone from TWRA was called an idiot either on here or, I would have a cabin on the Big Horn bought and paid by you. you even argued and corrected FourX when he mentioned he liked Seaguar tippet recently.... WTF does it matter what he likes, why try to correct a guy that cathches some really nice fish what is better?

Write whatever reply you wish and enjoy your podium professor, I'm dropping your class and won't return.
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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