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Default Tremont 9/25

So taking advantage of my new job, which has me working in Maryville, rather than in Oak Ridge, I decided to bring my fishing gear along and leave work around 3 and head to the park. This time I decided to fish along Tremont, some on lower thunderhead and some along the gravel road. The fishing was slower than up on Sam's almost certainly due to the high amount of pressure I observed on Tremont over the weekend.

Also the low water made for some really spooky fish.

I did manage catch several small ones like this:

But also some decent sized ones like this:

The darker it got, the more the fishing turned on, but the harder it was to see the fly. I stayed out until I couldn't see my fly on the water. I hooked up with quite a few fish, but for whatever reason, they having a lot more luck throwing the fly yesterday and I ended up losing about twice as many as I caught. Had some hook-ups with some really good sized fish, so all in all it was a good day. Next time I'll head out earlier in the day and go higher. But still, can't beat fishing on a Tuesday afternoon.

So there you have a month's worth of reports, hopefully some more to follow soon!
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