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Originally Posted by Stonefly View Post
Hey Lynn -

I'm not familiar with a Tennessee 20-Incher. How's it differ from a standard 20-Incher?

Thats a funny story. I went out west about ten years ago and stopped at a fly shop. The folks there were very helpful, so I thought it right to make a small purchase,so I bought some twent-inchers. Well on that trip I lost the last one on the last day. When I got home I couldn't remember exactly how it looked. So I tied some from memory and what came out was the Tennessee twenty-incher. Brown biot tail with a peacock body with d-rib. The thorax of Hairsear, cream rubber legs( or choice), Grey biots tied over top of thorax(prince nymph style) hook size to taste and yellow thread and an under body of lead free wire. Thus the TTI'er it's just a bastardized twenty-incher,prince and a Kevin Howell's Kevins Stone. I've caught many SM and large Browns with this fly. Try it.
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