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Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
Thanks for the pics Nathan a lot of nice brookies there! I see you use the same rig for them that I do and that DP does. You guys don't use the bead head on the pink weenie though like I do. Not sure it really matters though but I will ditch the bead head on the next ones I tie and give that a try just to see if there is a noticeable difference. We still need to fish together or hike or something sometime since our wives work together but we have never met!
Yeah we do need to do that!

I guess this is for Dawgvet too:

I do use a bead head pink weenie too, I just switch it up sometimes. Other than that, I don't use any weight on it, no split shot etc. The length depends on the conditions. When I was out with DP a couple of weeks ago, we were fishing in some deep pools and I would make that dropper very long at times. When the water is shallow, I make it as long as possible but will shorten it incrementally if I am getting hung up a lot.

I did notice that the unweighted worked just as well as the bead head, not sure if one is better, I would need to try them on the same day to be sure. It seems like the unweighted version gets tossed around in the current more easily, maybe making a difference in the swifter water. There were some times when I will still go to the bead head, such as when you can see the fish feeding on the bottom and the current is too swift to get the unweighted one down to them - all in all I will always keep a supply of both with me.

I have also been tying them on long and longer hooks. The ones I was using on Sam's last weekend I had tied on a Umpqua U-series 4x long #12 streamer hook-available at LRO I like the U-series hooks, I might try them for dries. A little less than the regular Tiemcos, but seem to still be good quality. You get like 50 for something like $7 at LRO (I think thats what I paid)
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