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And now they have cleared and I guess are going to start maintaining the first 0.7 miles of the Defeat Ridge Manway (now known on the park's maps as a 'Quiet Walkway') The upper part of Defeat Ridge is still a Quiet Walk-and-Crawl-through-tangles-of-briars-and-chest-high-stinging-nettle-while-trying-to-stay-on-the-often-disappearing-path-and-not-get-lost-in-the-rhodo-maze-that-is-frequented-by-bears-and-full-of-yellow-jacket-nests-Way. The park just felt that was too wordy to put on a map.

Did I mention the spiders whole webs across the trail contain strands that seem as strong as 7x tippet? They'll cut your head off. Oh yeah and if you step in the wrong spot on the path, a giant rolling ball comes down from the devil's courthouse.
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