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I despise govt intrusion in stuff like this and would stand with the canoe rental companies to fight against any proposal to limit their traffic on our waterways. They have just as much right as we fisherman do, to enjoy the outdoors.

We can call coexist, and rather than work against these outfits it would be easier to work with them. I see no reason why a group of fisherman couldn't sit down with the business owners and form an agreement of gentleman. How hard would it be to limit launches until late morning or mid mid day to give the fisherman time on the river? Not at all, and this sort of arrangement if done with tact should be easily accomplished.

One thing that saves the Clinch in my opinion is the water temperatures. I know the Caney is cold, but the Clinch is cold in a special way, and dangerously cold.

I guess some on here weren't around when the canoe rental place was still open below Miller's Island, and they had little impact on the fishing. Since then another one tried to make a go of it 5-7 years ago and also failed.

The river is there for all of us, not just one group or another IMO.
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