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Those of you who don't regularly fish the Caney need to head over and give it a shot so you know what you are talking about. I don't mind rental companies using the river, but when they are only taking from the resource and not giving back it is a little ridiculous. Having a steady parade of boats floating over the water I'm trying to fish is annoying to say the leastHaving been nearly run over by people in canoes who have no idea how to paddle or be polite to other users, I believe something needs to be done. If I'm going to be required to pay for a fishing license (a use fee), then boaters need to do the same. I understand someone could make an argument that the stocked trout need to be paid for. Fine, charge me for the trout stamp, but don't make me pay to fish any water that is managed as a wild fishery unless other resource users are going to pay as well. I just want to see consistency...that's my concern which I'm sure plenty will disagree with...
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