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sounds like you had a great trip. Your experience on Silver Creek sounds better than mine. That is a tough piece of water for someone new to it. I think I may spring for a guide on my next trip there. I'm curious, the first pic of the Big Lost, I don't recognize that. How far below the dam are you at that point? The reason I ask is that after two trips there, the only two access points I could find are each pretty close to the dam. The banks are much more grown up where I was than what your pics show. You may be closer to Mackay than I think. The access that I walked down from had a campground and picnic area on it. The river trail as it is, seemed to die out not real far down from the access and there was not much area for a crowd of people. The Copper basin area on the Big Lost is where I want to explore next. The Big Wood is a great little river. It's neat that a river of that quality can exist so close to a town, even as small as it is. Thanks for the report!
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