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Originally Posted by fourx View Post
Just got back from fishing ID to find this post.
Sorry to see the the direction this thread went.
I consider you and Wolf friends of mine. Knowing Wolf for a long time I can only compare him to a shot of either cringe or smile when you drink it.
I would like the tail water threads to take on the light/informative tone of the back country and smoky mtn. threads!
I had a great ID trip that you can check out in the "other states" thread.

Same for me Steve, and I would have thought Phil would have taken my post with a little err to the tongue in cheek side of things, but obviously he didn't. I have seen Phil numerous times over the past 6 months or so in the hospital and we always share a good laugh or two before heading our separate ways.

Literally I don't think there is anything you, he, or any of the other bunches of folks I know personally on this board could say that would even cause me to consider being upset.

I know you all too well, and nothing said via keyboard would ever cause me to get angry or upset.

Glad you had a good trip, and see you on the river.
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