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I have been fishing on a regular basis with low water happening lately in Smokies, they don't call it the Grinch on a whim. The last few weekends it's been OK with hits and misses. This weekend was tough sledding, Saturday quite a few anglers out but saw or or heard no big claims to fame. Sunday I got on the water around 1:00 and saw around 12 anglers in the water, spoke to one guy with a group from Trout Unlimited (not sure which chapter), who said not much luck, also talked to 2 diffrent guys who were instructing and or guiding (waders) near a known and overfished honey hole and said no luck, by 4:00 it was just me and another guy way up in the bend. Still a great day on the river but would have been nicer with some hits, I think Byron may be on to something with his full moon theory , it's his story but I 'm sticking to it!
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