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I have fished it a few times in the past weeks. It is fishing tight with almost all of my fish being rainbow stockers. Most of my takes were on heavy nymphs, with slow moving presentations. One of the best set ups down there right now is European Nymphing. Also; I like to use some TwistOns-Lead Wraps to downward present to a seam. It seems that the fish are slow to break on anything moving under a fast indicator or drifting in a fast seam. If you can slow your presentation down with heavy-dense beads, bottom rigs, dual fly setups, and upstream casts; it seams to be beneficial. It looks like they are starting to change their diets with the season change. I have noticed the trout are really starting to look over the flies before taking them. Many are following them for several feet and scrutinizing the flies. So; it might be a good idea to add some legs, wing cases, "Czech" tying patterns, etc. to get them to identify, trigger, or take more readily.

Also; the flies with black beads, olive bodies, and olive dubbing seem to be hitting the best. Tons of black flies and scuds on the river; so, that color could be interpreted universally. Hope this helps.
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