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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
If David doesn't mind me jumping in here... I'd like to propose the next challenge: Favorite fall dry... Lets see some interesting creations with Orange and Yellow (or maybe some other color if you have something), but I want to see what you like to fish when get into one of those fall time hatches!

EDIT: Probably should have made a new thread, but I guess I meant this more as a suggestion anyway, if anyone else is interested in this topic!
Go ahead and start a new one! I am busy enough that I tend to not stay caught up. I am FINALLY going to start actually tying again which might motivate me to keep this up better. But seriously, I would appreciate any help I can get. Anyone feel free to jump in, just not more than one a week please and keep the numbers in order! I have a few favorites but will try and tie up a couple of my favorites for the Smokies tomorrow afternoon...
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