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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
Looks pretty awesome. I admire your diligence taking pictures of all those fish. WHen the fishing is on like that, I just can't summon the patience to photograph. I guess this means you got a new camera/old camera fixed?
Me too. I've quit toting a camera because I don't have the patience to stop fishing. I just bought a new point & shoot just because I thought I might be tempted to play with the new toy.

Man, great trip!! I'm so envious, I want to get to GSMNP and fish soooo bad but I think it'll be '13 before I get back. I hate that. It's bad for my sanity. Congrats on a great trip!!!!! On the note of losing track of your surroundings, I can relate! I've done that so many times. You get so focused on the stream you get tunnel vision.
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