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Originally Posted by olesmoke View Post
MB here is one of those size 26 midges that drive you crazy......also the winter caddis are not bright and flashy but they fish safe
Nice! I think the second-one in black would be spectacular on the Clinch. Also; do you ever tie any black fly dries? They are prevail-ant on the Clinch and I usually tie them similar to an ant terrestrial pattern with a wingbud.
Also; do you have trouble presenting a size 26 fly? I usually try to use a heavier hook and I have to trim hackle excessively to get the posture just right.
  1. I use Gink wet for my tippet
  2. and Gink dry on my fly
    • - then subsequent applications of dissectant powder to the fly to keep it floating.
  3. I like to use nymph hooks for my dries as-well so that the body will break the film with a slight upturn bend in the shank.
  4. Also; I always knot the hook from the bottom up with the intent of positioning the tippet lower in the water as to sink.
Any tips on the small dries?
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