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Originally Posted by olesmoke View Post
MB Thanks for asking but Im not the the dry fly fisherman to be answering your questions.First off I don't fish the smaller flies often less then size 22 .Flies that size don't have the holding power--hook-up rate & the size tippet necessary creates a long battle that I think is hard on the fish.As far as dry flies for the black fly ..a simple thread body with a small CDC puff is about all that's in my box. The larva or the emerger is far more effective for me and can fish two areas of the water column if fished in tandem.MB wish I could be of more help but I don't cast well enough the fish the technical side .I fish to relax and if the painted fish will give me the pleasure then so be it...Ive given him an offer and he accepted.Be safe
Thanks for the response and input! I find it frustrating fishing small dries over size 22 as well. The small tippet is usually my first impediment and then trying to get them to present long enough for a take is the last challenge. So; I usually stick to larger dries. I like to work my flies as well to entice strikes and many dry patterns do not allow me to do that. My favorite is a slender sulphur pattern with trico style wings pulled up-parachute style. This allows it to sit down in the water and present the fly's silhouette clearly to the fish. Plus; it usually stays on top after a few bumps of the line.
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