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Originally Posted by ijsouth View Post
Nice fish, nice report....on a more somber note, did you catch this in the news?

Turns out all those Greenbacks we thought we were catching were hybrids - Colorado River/Greenback mixes. There were thoughts that this might be the case for years, but this study proves it, and worse yet, the one remnant population is confined to one 4-mile stretch of one stream. I hope they can keep them going.
Yeah I saw this recently. It amuses me a little after all the hard work they've been doing but as you mentioned, this has been suspected for awhile. My only question is how did they rule out every other "population"....? Did they literally catch cutts from every possible Greenback population and do the genetics testing? Just wondering although I would also wonder what their baseline for the Greenback genes is as well. Is it possible that the "pure" strain genes they are testing against originated in the same creek? I would be very interested to find a copy of the actual scientific paper and see how well done everything was. Might be pretty interesting...
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