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Originally Posted by Breck View Post
I 've never been, so thank you for my trip thru your post. Showed my boys and they were excited to see the elk.

You should take them! The hike up to CS 39 is mostly flat and very easy for a smokies trail, it's under 2 miles, so even taking your time it won't take much more than an hour to get there. The elk had been frequenting the campsite last winter. It was busy last yesterday, There were at least 7 people there last night, just based on who I passed on the trail. Ive camped there several times and only once was there more than 2 other people there. If you fish pretty hollow creek, know that it is very tight conditions near the campsite, if you hike up the trail there is a lot of good open water that is full of Brookies, but you have to hike a long way up to get to a point where it is easy to get to the creek. Doable as a an all day trip up from 39 and back, but kinda strenuous. The water on Palmer near PH creek is easy access but if you work up the stream, you wil be returning by stream because it is quite a ways (a mile or so) before you will reach a place where you can get to the trail, which may be hard to see from the stream since it will be above you. It is about 2 miles to where lost bottom creek comes in and there the trail is obvious.
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