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I fished it about six years ago in May. Our plan was to come from the top and
hit 61 and Solola Valley on the way down. The campsite was fine. Fishing was okay. I caught several fish, but nothing over ten inches. Most were 6-8 inches. I fished below camp and my friends fished above. I caught only browns and bows. My friends fished above camp and caught rainbows and a few brook trout, though the brook trout were 4-5".

That night it poured rain for six to eight hours. We strapped on the backpacks soaked. The creek was so high we were barely able to ford the creek and had to lock arms together to keep from being swept away. We had to do this twice before we came to a bridge crossing.

We walked out that day to the cars and I had some of the biggest blisters I have ever had. Probably not a good idea to hike out in wading shoes with poor socks. Overall, I thought the fishing would have been better, but it was a beautiful hike out. Solola valley was particularly beautiful. Funny, there were balls of foam in the creek there the size of huge beach balls.
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