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I took shawn's advice and applied it to my own tying of flies.......excellent advice......more hookups....more fish......thanks for the tip......just thought I would bump the thread........any more tips would be greatly appreciated...from any and all..........
Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
Those flies are beauties! My favorite fly is the dry and the toughest to fish. One problem I have noticed with small dry flies is that sit too high on the surface. This makes it almost impossible to identify unless it drifts right over the fish's snell window due to refraction.
  • One tip you might want to consider is to trim your lower hackle to sit the fly lower in the film. This will help accentuate the profile to the trout.
  • Also; I like to wrap a bit of silver wire on the gape of the hook.
Here is an example of the idea I am trying to explain previously. The picture is of an adult mayfly that I took a few months back...Hope this helps with some of your patterns.

*PS-Also, I like to use wet or nymph hooks for my dries. This helps the body to sit better in the film.

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