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It was a fun day and I love fishing that stream. It kind of surprised me that I was catching so many bows vs browns. In past experience, it has always been the opposite. maybe after the flood, it has undergone a dominant species change. Above the bridge are the reminants of massive pileups of logjams from that flood.
After I left the bridge and rode on out and back into Cherokee to 441, The elk were out by the hwy at the Ocono. vistors center and had traffic delayed. I rode all the way back to Clingmans dome and ran into another traffic delay. some other motorist told me that there was a bad wreck and possible car fire on the TN side causing a 3 hr delay. I had to backtrack back to cherokee and over to maggie valley and then take the interstate home. That added an extra 2.5 hrs in the saddle and a total of 250 miles roundtrip.
I hope to take a ride over to Cataloochie in the next several weeks and hope to file another ride/ fish report then.

fourx, spotlight (Kevin), is organizing a dual sport ride this coming weekend down to teliico. I dont think fishing is involved this trip but just a get together ride to enjoy the colors.

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