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Post Clinch Report [October 2012]

The Clinch has been fishing its typical Fall pattern. The water has started to change color and temperature. The bug* activity has narrowed to midges, craneflies, scuds, & an occasional sulphur. *(Not Exclusive)

Upper Tailwater:
Surface Water Temperature: 52-56 by 2 PM
(Latest Measurement)
Color: Slate-Grey
  • One of the best patterns I have fished is a #20 olive midge, black thorax, brown-olive beads.
  • The most effective patterns seem to have a trigger effect or something in them to help them stand out in the water color.
Lower Tailwater:
Surface Water Temperature: 55-62 by 3 PM
(Latest Measurement)

Color: Slate-Grey

  • Fishing has been slow for me on the lower end. I am just averaging a handful of fish each trip. Also; the quality of fish is down and mostly rainbow.
  • Most fish were taken on soft hackles.
  • Midge emergers and comparaduns have produced at pool-tail-outs in certain areas.
I hope others can post to share their reports and information in hope that we can help each other have a better experience.

*Safety Note: Be extra careful wading on rocks. Some of the vegetation has started to die and the surfaces are becoming super slick.
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