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In that case, a rainbow is ok with me, but I still am striking out on my pursuit of browns. We retire back to the man cave and drink beer and eat some awesome burgers.

We stayed up a while swapping fish stories and watching fly fishing films on the huge projector screen.

The next morning we awake with the task of getting me my first blueline brown trout. At this point I have accepted that I will not catch a big fish and just decide to go after numbers. We arrive at the creek, way down that hill...

Places like this are worth the hike in..

I found a beer can older than I am...

Fishing a 9 feet wide creek is tough with one person, add two more and it is complete chaos. We somehow manage it, but no fish are caught up this high...

We decide to make the grueling hike out to retreat to lower elevations in hopes of finding more willing fish.
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