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A bit of a walk through this....

And then a hike up this back to the car...

The fall colors are simply amazing....

We get on the stream and I immediately hook up (please be a brown, please be a brown)

Son of a .......

I swear I am cursed. Why can't I catch the one fish I want, I don't even care how big it is, just let me catch a brown.

We fish on up....

A buddy caught a real nice 14" brown, right after the other guy caught an 11" one. Apparently all I can catch are rainbows.

We work our way to the last pool of my 850 mile round trip to catch brown trout and I have zero browns to show for it. First cast, BAM! Fish on! The just as quickly, Fish off! :evil: Last cast, this is eat please something eat.....

Thank God!

That nice blueline brown saved my trip. Most people would be happy with the rainbows I caught, and I am, but I still in pursuit of that awesome brown trout day. Maybe next time I wil go after rainbows and maybe I will catch some browns then. However, this trip is over. I have a 6hr drive back and I need to hit the road. A quick celebratory beer and in the parking lot and I hit the road.

On this trip I learned you can't always get what you came after, but time with new friends, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and catching some nice fish isn't all that bad.
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