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Default Added comment !!

I started fishing Deep Creek in 1959 and I have never seen the amount of interest in fly fishing that I have seen in the past few years..... its amazing and I guess this is a "good" thing depending on which way you look at it.... I just turned 70 last week and my days of "walking to a secluded stream" are about over... I always try to do my fishing during the week, pick streams that are not popular and in short do everything I can to avoid others ..... but theres just so much one can do !!!!
We have been making trips to Montana each year for the last several and this has helped satisfy my need to catch trout... we fished out there for 10 days this past July/August and in that time frame we saw 2 other fishermen
I truly love fishing the Park and will continue to do so as long as I'm able....I feel like I'm truly blessed to have been able to enjoy it as long as I have..... Thank you Lord !!
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