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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
That didn't work on Forney last weekend. 7 miles from the top to 69 with over 3000 of elevation loss. When we got down to 2nd crossing below 69 ran into another fisherman. There were 4 at 70!

While what you said usually is true, I've had several trips this year where the complete opposite seems to be true

True, but also consider that if we had fished up from 69, we wouldn't have even known anyone else was out fishing and neither would the other group! It's like those old school math word problems: A group of fishermen hikes down from clingmans dome at 2 mph, a group of fishmermen hikes up from Lakeshore Drive at 3 mph, assuming they both try to get to as far down the trail as possible to avoid fishing around other groups, where do their paths collide?

My Rules for avoiding the crowds:

Don't fish along paved roads except during weekends Dec-Feb and weekdays between Nov-Mar

Don't fish along gravel roads on weekends except between Nov-early Mar, weekdays, Late Oct - Mid Apr

Don't fish along the fish 1-2 miles of any trailhead between Apr-Oct (some weekdays maybe ok)

Don't fish within 2-3 miles of any major frontcountry campground during Mid Apr- Mid Oct

Don't work every time, but work well enough
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