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Originally Posted by Bugslinger View Post
Had my map out at work last night was wondering if anybody had fished Lost Gap Prong that feeds Porter's Creek. Thought I might check it out. I only have two hours a day to fish before I have to get home and in bed, so I don't have a lot of time to go exploring.
Hmmmm....the map I have shows this as False Gap and I have heard it called this as well. If we are talking about the same stream, I fished it a couple of years ago and it was really slow in low water, I only managed a few bows and really worked to get those. I trekked back out and went elswhere since I had my brother with me for his first time fishing in the Smokies, we moved to a higher more productive stream.

If you are looking for solitude you will find it on this little traveled trail along the creek, lots of old home sites, chimney's and rock fences scattered about. There may be leaf peepers up in there this time of year but still a nice walk and quiet fishing and wandering bears. Have fun...
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