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Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
Great pics. Looks like you had a pretty day to get out. Roaring fork has always been kind to me too. Nice to catch trout not far out of town.
I was noticing that last pic and was wondering if that is a brown. I saw the yellow fins and was wondring. I've never caught one out of RF.
I know one tier that splits a coffee bean and glues it to the hook shank and then paints it like a lady bug.

Lynn, Sadly it is not a brown. I think the coloration on the fins is an artifact of the direct sunlight. I should have taken a second picture, but i just snapped one off, didn't even look at at it and then released him back to the water... too much good fishing to stop for lots of pictures! If I HAD caught a brown out of RF I would have made sure that I had good pic, because I am not sure what kind of brown pop that stream has.
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