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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
You didn't leave a hat there did ya? Freddie found one that looks like one I have seen you with.
I don't think so James but I will check that I still have mine when I get home thanks for the heads up. I often carry it in my day pack but don't use it much so it could have fallen out. Sounds like a lot of people fish up in there. I fished a bit in Cosby Creek on Sunday and come back on 40. I had stupidly left my fly box and tippet and such in a gallon ziploc bag in the back of my truck and I saw the bag and tippet spools get airborne in my rear view mirror as I was going down the interstate. Luckily my fly box was too heavy and stayed in the truck bed but the 2 tippet spools I had were out and I saw one rolling down the road behind me right under a semi truck. The other one is on the interstate near that rest area before the bridge over the french broad river past Newport if anyone finds it. It was 5x orvis super strong.
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