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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
thanks Grannyknot, I think you're correct. I tie with the small rib that does not come on spools. I found it in small packs with several feet in each pack.
CV; a good substitue for v-rib is ordinary fishing line.
  • To color it; I use permanent markers. However; I usually leave it transparent and use an appropriate thread color.
  • #8 test fishing line seems to be a nice size for wrapping. I like to use some pliers and crimp/flatten the tie in point so it does not create a bump. Also; it is imperative to keep steady tension on the wrap or it will unravel on you going up the shank.
  • Once wrapped; I coat with some cement and it works great. The only negative is that your end-color tends to be 2-3 shades darker than you started with due to the cement penetrating the wraps of the fishing line. With that in mind; I tend to start with brighter colors of thread.

Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
Very nice small midge, looks like what you would find on Darth Vaders or a SWAT team's vest, the fish should just surrender and jump in the net! I just got in from the Clinch tonight, jumped in at the Church after I saw they were doing a single late afternoon release. I carry my gear like Batman in the trunk so left work at 5:45, in the river at 6:15 and knew I had about 30 minutes to try some flys I had been wanting to try on a rising current. Talked to one gentleman leaving as I was jumping in and said he hit his limit using BWO's, better than me I just threw some things till I could not see and was backed up to the rocks. No complaints though, summer temps, fall leaves in the background, not a bad way to end a Wednesday night.

Very nice! That is what being on the river is all about!
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