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Default Sharing.....

I just finished reading an article by a lady flytier regarding her latest creation. As always it is a wonder fly. She wrote how she was fishing on an Eastern river and was really into the fish but did not want to mention the fly by name so others would know what she was using. It seemed she was the only one catching fish. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I have always been willing to share information with my fellow anglers. In fact many times I have gave flies to others that I was using. I remember my first and only trip to Maine for Landlocked Salmon. On my first evening on the river I was not having much luck. A nearby angler was doing fairly well. As he left he came to me and took me to "his spot" and explained there was a good "run" there and even gave me several flies he was using. I was immediately into fish. His kindness impressed me and I have always remembered him and his kind act. I have likewise tried to display this generosity when on the stream. I have always liked to think fly fishermen were cut from a different cloth so to speak. As they say catching fish is only part of it....
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