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Default Fishing and Camping on the dirty D

Took the whole week off, weather was great until Sunday. Fishing was very good some days, and just awful a couple other days. My son and Caleb camped with me a couple days each. Caleb can see fish better than anyone I know, and we worked hard the first couple days with very poor results. High blue bird skies, north east wind, low water, and no cloud cover had em lock jawed. Then about Thursday the clouds moved in, the barometer eased off and things got much better. Double P came over on Saturday and we probably had the best day of the week. The falling barometer and cloudy conditions produced some good fish and double digit catches for all of us. Most fish were caught on terrestrials and midge droppers. My friend Ben from the Dirty D Social Club showed me a real winner Thursday and it proceeded to wack em silly for 3 days.


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