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Default Paddlefish - Please shoot me an email

Originally Posted by Paddlefish View Post
Nice pics Breck. Your getting good with that camera. I fished yesterday on one continious turbine. Fish were rising sporadically, but about 1/2 of the rises were real nice fish. I only fished for about 1 hr. Crought 5. Two were 15 plus, all caught on a #16 gray caddis emerger. The best was extremely bright colored and would not tire out. These Hiwassee holdovers are a lot of fun to catch. Been years since the Hiwassee has fished this good. Going to be a great winter and spring. I can't say enough about how well TWRA has done with the Delayed Harvest Section on the Hiwassee this year. I never thought that I would see the river in this shape again. You are going to have to show me how to post pics on here Breck. Looks like we will be catching some fish worthy of sharing with our friends for a change.

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