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Shawn, Adam, Rog1,

Thanks for your responses. WPLP sounds really interesting to me. Also, Adam, I had heard about the horny heads. Can a person go further upstream to kinda get away from that situation? Say, the back side of the loop area, toward the west?

Shawn, thanks for the reminder about Abrams being slick. I had read that on this forum a couple of times before, but you jogged my memory. When I fish new waters I always bring my fishing staff and wear felts. That has saved my skinny more than a couple of times, but it isn't fool proof. Especially when the fool leaves the staff on the bank. You can ask Stana Claus about that. We walk into the Tellico after a hard day of fishing the upper reaches of North Citico creek (April 2011), which is pretty darn rugged and I, without my staff, manage to find the only flat, slick, rock in a gravel bottom stretch of the river. So I get a very wet, late afternoon wake up call which fills my chest waders full because I am under water, swimming with the fishes. Ooh, I hate when that happens. LOL! And my camera gets creamed for good measure. Luckily I didn't lose anything, but it was kind of embarrassing.

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