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I have been to Trout Fest the last two years and enjoyed it but it did not seem to me that there was an enormous swarm of fishing folks attending considering the number of venders and events. I'm certain it takes a whole bunch of personal effort from a handful of fine folks to pull off every year and I admire their effort and sacrifice.

This past Spring my "home chapter" in Maine (Kennebec) didn't have a banquet at all.... I believe it was due to burn out and the FACT that the few guys who busted their tails for years personally "begging" Maine businesses for donated items to auction and raffle for the fundraiser "retired".

Sadly we find ourselves (the old guys) not being "replaced" by younger guys joining TU Chapters and actively participating in fundraising etc.

Seems that young folks in general EXPECT their parents to ALWAYS BE AROUND TO do the hard work when it comes to charitable giving, ENVIRONMENTAL OR OTHER ACTIVISM, or VOLUNTEEERING to make the worl a better place.

The BABY BOOMERS are not being replaced by younger people stepping up to replace our effort.... we did everything as a generation to make the world a better place and the generations after us expect they do not need to do this work.... seems the common ethos is that "the government" ought to be responsible for everything so why volunteer to help.

Recruitment by TU doesn't seem to attract young folks who actually desire participation but more over "expectation"; a great shame. If you want to protect and conserve our cold water fisheries you do it best by stepping up instead of watching or expect the government to do the hard work.
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