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Good report and information fellas...thanks for sharing your reports and tips!

My report:
Water Temp: 61 Surface (lake turnover) *Should stabilize around this temp the rest of the winter.
Water Clarity: Slate-Green

There are enormous hatches of midges and the larva/pupae selection for the trout has been plentiful. I have had slower results on midging. I believe due to an abundance of larva.

  • My approach was to seine the water and identify the larvae and pupa patterns and define an average size.
  • Then; I fished a midge about two sizes larger to help it stand out in the drift. This seemed to work decently.
  • However; I got bored and started throwing midge dries and emergers to the many sippers. Most of my takes on emergers and dries involved landing the fly in to the target pool or bumping it to entice instinct takes.

Hope this helps. I have noticed many of the larger fish are hugging the banks. So; practice throwing some big dry orange palmers right up next to logs and bank structures. Let it sit; slight bump, sit, slight bump, and walk it back to you with erratic bumps. You should get a nice surprise.
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