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Originally Posted by Varmitcounty View Post
I have fished the Clinch for years, and yes I agree with the viewpoint regarding fly selection and pre and post hatch. But today, I have made up my mind that the only way I will fish that river again is as a last resort. Stacked elbow to elbow with folks only to catch a bunch of dinks because the amount of lines smacking the water insure that any fish worth catching is hunkered down and laying low. Fished 61, Millers, Weir, and above the weir. Frustrating. I can remember catching quality fish at every outing...but not so these days.
I understand your frustration. One tip I use in those situations is to think of the positive. At least you have people close by to help you if you need it. Unfortunately; I realized this perspective earlier this year.

Also; use this time as a chance to challenge yourself and techniques. I have often pulled good fish right beside someone standing and throwing the other way. Another idea is to get you a boat or something to give you mobility to fish other spots. One thing you may realize is that you end up going back to certain wade areas to regain your focus.

Finally; I try to never let the actions of others hinder what I do...I just do my thing and stay focused. Hope you have a better time on the next trip.
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