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Oh, there are some leviathans in there to be sure, and I have caught some of them over the years, but for me the atmosphere in which I fish is just about as important as the catch. I just want to engage in being out there. Every facet of my life is crowded with people and I am the type of person that is somewhat of a loner the crowds just set me on edge. Madison Boats mentioned getting a boat or some other watercraft...not gonna happen. I prefer to engage the river instead of riding down it. Those who fish mainly from boats can cover a lot of ground and can reach a lot of fish that would otherwise be unattainable, but it just doesn't do it for me. Am I a prude? Perhaps. But, just like everyone else, I have in my mind and perhaps in my spirit a vision of what angling should be and dodging big gobs of lead and night crawlers chucked by old ladies on the bank and standing twenty to thirty feet from the next angler is just not fun for me. If the average catch was on the level of the Soho or the Lower Nantahala, or the Arkansas...then I might have a different mindset, but to endure the Clinch in the hope that I might survive the circus long enough to catch a 14 inch rainbow...nah...I will pass.

Glad to see your six weight got the ride of its life.....
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