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Originally Posted by g022271 View Post
Kinda got a little p.o.'d this past Friday myself and have decided to use my pontoon boat to avoid the crowds on the Clinch and also to avoid the potential for confronting rude inconsiderate fisherman. I was re-rigging my flyrod, sitting in my pontoon boat at he lower end of the "conga" line out in front of the canoe launch, when I looked up and saw 2 spinfishers move down below me and then upstream directly in front of me about 50 ft. I coudn't believe it and started to let them know what they had done, but my wife tells me I can be too blunt and a real a--hole at times, so I decided to take the highroad and just float down below them, when instead I wanted to put a hook in their hats. So, I am going to avoid the crowds, but next time ,should it happen again,I will educate the ignorant,,, cause as Woodrow Call said, "I hate rude behavior in a man, I won't tolerate it!"

Yeah, I saw that crap go down.
I was a touch upstream of you with a chest-box on.
Was wondering if you were mad.
I got squeezed to death in the conga line earlier but waited most fisherman out but still a tough bite.

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