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We did venture out to fish a pair of my favorite local small streams, one that is well known and one that is much more unknown but both fished like a dream. Browns dominated the popular one but it was a gorgeous place and a must fish location for me even though it is well known. It is a short half mile walk and is a flat trail so I wasn’t a heart risk.

I bounced happily along catching more fish than I deserved and not really even paying that much attention to the fishing but simply enjoying the day and letting my mind run free on the current and sunlight in a pleasurable trance…… that is until I ran into this beaver **** which naturally got me pretty excited.

I saw a sipper right under the tree line as I set up and for once I was able to put my dry dropper rig right up under that same tree line on the first cast. I was rewarded with a soft rise and managed a hook up, but as soon as the fish rolled back into the faster current I saw a second flash and felt another hard jolt of a hook set. I must admit I was somewhat confused until I clearly saw two fish trying to fight off the drag of the line. They both went in different directions but the tippet held. From there they tried to move more or less in the same direction and I soon had landed yet another type “double d” double for this trip. The dry fly fish taped at a shade under 15 inches and the smaller dropper fish at about 12. So I am claiming a 27inch fish on this one….. whadaya think.

My son has been in a hunting trapping and fishing for food kick here lately and he wanted a fish dinner. I hadn’t kept many trout in the last 15 years or so but clearly we were in area that had a surplus of trout and the eco system actually would probably benefit from a couple less in the water, so we each kept a couple and Mom fixed a fish dinner just the way I remembered them from when I was a young boy. And **** it was good. Some of you more die hard catch and releasers may want to shield your eyes from these next to pictures but they are priceless to me as my family has many, many such shots from my 50 years of Colorado memories and I am betting many of you do as well.

The other stream we fished isn’t exactly hidden but it gets virtually no true fishing pressure and I pray nearly every night that it stays that way. It isn’t an easy hike, it does raise the blood pressure and leave you heaving for oxygen in a few places, not like my magical valley but still a pretty tough short hike. But I had felt better than I had in years so **** the torpedoes full speed ahead. Even the hike in is beautiful for this little stream.

The day started out sunny and fishy. We both had a grand slam of brown, bow, brook and rio g cutt within the first hour of fishing. This was one of those little streams that is so productive two people can fish side by-side and generally each catch at least one fish apiece from most of the likely looking spots. So we danced up river in total peace talking occasionally and giggling about a blown cast or bungled hook set a lot and most importantly just enjoying each other company.

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