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But just as in life the weather turned and the sound of thunder rumbled down the little canyon and the smell of rain was sharp and pungent on the rising wind.

Drew and I went “to ground” under a rock outcropping and several large pine trees and just sat and talked and staid basically dry while the rain drenched the rest of the world. I can’t remember when I have enjoyed a conversation any more. It is unusual to have my son captured where he doesn’t have anywhere he can go or anything else he can entertain himself with other than talking to his old man. And I am no fool so I took advantage while I could. I would love to tell you we had a deep intellectual talk and solved each other’s long term life plans …. But we didn’t … we just enjoyed out time together and waited out the rain storm. Then went and caught a few more fish before the water began to color with the runoff from the rain, which obviously hadn’t fully run off my hat just yet either.

After that we strolled back to the car feeling peaceful and content with the day and with the trip. I managed to catch a pair of pictures of the clearing skies.

They seemed to capture my mood of the last year pretty well, the storm clouds are obviously still swirling around….. but the sun is coming out and softer weather is the predicted future………….. and with that I will leave the first leg of my Colorado trip and I hope you will join me for part two with a week of high country camping in early October for the changing of the aspen…….. and maybe a fish or two.

Dick Davis
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