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Originally Posted by Bran View Post
I rode by and checked it out yesterday before we left town. I didn't stop as there were some folks packing the car in the driveway but it looked good. I was telling my wife about it and wanted her to see it, also find out exactly where it was. We have rented some other places above and below it.
Try it out some time. It was originally built as a one room cabin around 1800 up in the park. It was disassembled in the early 1930s, moved down the mountain by horse wagon, and all reassembled in but a few days. That's according to Herb Clabo, a guy who is over 100 years old there I'm Gburg who witnessed it all! Amazing !

It is constructed of chestnut, which went extinct about 100 years ago. One wall is splayed out at about a 10 percent angle.

You can hear the roaring fork throughout the cabin, and in the living room it is quite loud because you're basically right on top of it. Nothing quite like trading fish stories over a hot, cracking fire with snow blowing in and that water roaring down the mountain!
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