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Originally Posted by Don Kirk View Post
Things are way too quiet around here. Surely someone has something controversial to assail the board. Feeling a lot better here—frisky in fact. It’s been months since I said anything that got me into trouble and almost four years since the last time I was arrested for anything of consequence. May be this will do it…

If you are fishing in the park and are padded down by a ranger who finds what he deems to be --- ah yes--- a Yallarhammar fly in your vest. My questions are:

a. Does the ranger have the right to seize you and your fly, or just your fly?
b. If he confiscates said alleged Yallarhammar, does he have to give you a receipt for your property?
c. Once confiscated, what obligations does the NPS have to prove that the fly is indeed one constructed of yellow-shafted woodpecker plums?
d. If they must make such a scientific determination, who does it and how long does the NPS have to keep you fly to complete this task.
e. If rangers can cherry pick your fly box, what is to stop them from taking everything to be analyzed?
f. Is it advisable to ask these questions?

When we do the acid deposition samples we have to keep the radio on. Since hearing that under an ounce of weed will only get you a ticket, and court appearance without an arrest, I doubt you would get thrown in the pokey for the yellowhammer

b - I think your ticket telling you court date serves as receipt

c - With the biodiversity team at the roaring fork, they actually might be able to figure that one out (after intense study)

d - I would guess if it turned out to be a legal one, your grandkids might get it back in 50 years or so

e - Hopefully DW doesn't fish

f - No - please delete ASAP - OOh no it's too late

And the rangers are bad enough to deal with - but PLEASE Don - Don't get Paula involved - She's the real Yellowhammer (well maybe redish yellow)
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