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Smile I made a few attempts

after seeing a post on Go Smokies, and the fact that I just recently had to replace my gps and was reading the manual led me to give it a shot. I first tried to copy the Sierra Club 70's map off Tom Dunigan's site (one that has most smokies manways on it), and while I succeeded in making a .kml file, the resolution of the photo was so big that it didn't work. I then tried to make a small one which was a snippet of the 36 map in upper raven fork hoping to find reminants of the old trail leading up middle fork of three forks to Dashoga. Should be remains of a cabin up there, and I have never heard of anyone going there in the last 30+ years. It was low resolution, but it still didn't work. I usually somewhat tech savy, but I've haven't figured this out yet. I wish (hint hint Joe Fred, or Mr Kirk) someone would have something out that we could load as I'd be willing to pay and save the hassle of the learning curve. If anyone has ones to share, I'd be happy to host the file if you have no way to share it with others

Good Luck, and someone in thier 20's or younger would most likely laugh at me since it really doesn't look that hard.

Hope that helps,

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