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Default working on it

We're about two projects away from the maps like you are talking about. I just completed a book on Smoky flies and fly patterns for Stackpole, and one more book to do on N. Ga/NC for Wilderness Adventure Press. The latter has asked me to do a map book, but I do not believe print for maps is a good long term approach.

This week I received books by Steve Moore and Davis Ellzey. Moore does guide books on fishing streams in VA and MD. His four books are map/GPS heavy. Ellzey does guide books to the river in TX--again all three books are map/GPS heavy. In terms of an entertaining read they are light, but these books are chock full of hard info. There is certainly a trend here.

I believe that in long run, which is not too much in the future, the maps will be hosted free by people such as us at Southern Trout Magazine. The maps will be free because they will drive traffic to web sites, which is key to making money. Itís still a bit in the future, but it will happen sooner than your think. Paper, ink and postage are going the way of the buggy whip.
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