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And that my friends, was a great end to a great day of fishing. I headed back to camp looking and loving the world around me. By the time I got back the evening was starting to fall and I started the jambalya cooking and had shot or two of bourbon and watched the sun set. Dinner was almost ready as they made their way slowly back to camp. Their day of fishing had been okay but not great but we had a full week of fishing in front of us so I knew it would be easy to fix that. As the sun set on the mountains around me all I could do was say thanks to the powers of the world that are greater than me and head off to a contented night of well-earned rest.

The next day dawned clear and cold with the same promise of grandeur that we had seen yesterday. We decided to head as a group to a different stream today so we ate a quick breakfast and headed out. The hike was long but not particularly difficult but it also was some of the prettiest country that I know, so I spent more time watching the world go by than even thinking about the hike. We split up and each took a different section of the stream. I thought I knew a short cut to the top of impenetrable canyon and did but had to work down a gravel slide the last 400 yards on my ***. By the time I got to the bottom I had to take my wading boots off and pour the gravel out but it was a great place to start a day’s fishing. And the day was a blur of beautiful water and beautiful fish. Not as plentiful as yesterday, nor as big, but still a pretty dang good day.

And one last one of the last slice of trail headed back to camp. It was a fantastic day and I couldn’t imagine being any happier after a day of fishing.

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