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We stayed up late that night talking around the campfire listening to music and smoking. Bernard needed an education on Texas music so Townes Van Zandt, Robert Earl Keen, Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Billy Joe Shaver all made long soulful introductions. The amazing part is the one doing the introductions wasn’t my 50 year old self but my 23 year old son. I guess some things are learned or genetic but passed down from father son none the less. Spending time with friends and family around a campfire is one of life’s greatest luxuries.

The next morning we slept a little later and felt the pull of strained muscles as we stretched awake and that old familiar tweak of too many nights sleeping on the ground……… but the sun was warm and trout were waiting to be caught. We all decided to go as a group into my favorite stream. This day was as perfect as the first one. The temperature was crisp and the air fresh and clean. This world was ours alone as there wasn’t another sign of life in whole valley. The scenery and the fish were beyond my descriptions so I will let them speak for themselves.

As I came to the end of my fishing day I hit my favorite hole. I of course remembered the wonderful cut I had caught earlier but what I remembered most was that even larger fish turning her nose at my dry. So this time before I got into casting position I changed to a size 14 grizzly wulff which is harder to see on the water but deadly for those big fish that remember the lazy hopper days of a month or so ago. My first cast went untouched but the second was greeted with a soft roll and the hook up created a water spout that would have made a hurricane proud. The fight was vicious but conducted on a short line as there was nowhere to run. There was a pile of tree roots underwater that she kept charging for but my little Creede rod turned her three times and that finally wore her out and she came up sliding along the top of the current to have her picture made with me. I was panting as hard as if I had run a race by the time I snapped this picture.

I was the last one to reach the cars but you should have seen the smile on my face as I laid that last picture on the pair of them like an old boy in a poker game producing that last ace of a royal flush…………. drawing it out for a big build up. It isn’t often you can claim big fish honors from two guys who either one is capable of out fishing you 3 to 1…………. But as my daddy used to say every now and then an old blind sow finds an acorn.

Well by now we were ready for and truly needed in order ….. a hot bath, clean clothes, a **** good store bought dinner, a night in a crowd at Tommyknocker’s Tavern in Creede and most importantly a good night’s sleep in a soft bed. When we wake up from that it will be time for me to face my fears just like I was raised to do…......... and hit the trail to the stream where I lost my camera many years ago ……. Yes the one I thought I was too old to ever make it back into…… face your fears ………. Or pay the five dollar fine for whining.

One last part still to come on a dream stream for big, big …………brookies…….. wait and see.

Dick Davis
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