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The high sun made conditions rough this weekend.
Fished the upper and big springs areas sat. Saw enough bwo duns on the water that shouldv'e had fish up on top more but the sun was high. Caught quite a few fish on the double dropper rig and fishing a dropper close under a dry with success.
Sun. was tougher. Nearly bluebird skies had the trout skulking.
Saw a small but thick bwo hatch and a couple of brave trout rose to dries.
Sun., about 4, a small amount of sulfurs came off up high and the trout ate the duns a little during that 1 hr. hatch.
No pics for Dude, caught quite a few but none bigger'n 14".
Saw a guy sun. fight a nice fish forever and netted it. I asked him on the way out what it was and he said it was a 23" brown on a sulfur/6X. That's what I'm talking about.
I also saw a GIGANTIC brown eat 2 sulfur duns in a row sun. afternoon. I didn't even cast that way for 10 min. and it never rose again. I suspect this fish was over 12 lbs.. Sheesh.

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